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We're looking for Delivery Partners for GenAI projects!


We have several major clients who entrust us with the organizational introduction of generative AI solutions: what it is, where to start, how to seize projects. In these projects, there comes a point where we explore possible use cases, and the question arises as to who could execute such projects. I aim to support my clients by inviting good partners to bid for specific projects.


Without claiming completeness, here are some requirements:

  • Assembling an HR assistant from HR regulations + tickets

  • Practically connecting smaller projects on the Azure stack in Copilot Studio, especially focusing on configuring plugins

  • Utilizing open-source models for a locally functioning LLM solution for contract processing

  • Creating mass-customized marketing campaigns with image/video generators

  • Reliably functioning chatbot from website content

  • Chatbot integrated with a webshop search engine and recommendations

To avoid misunderstandings, these are not specific calls but examples! As shown, there are smaller and larger tasks. Among our clients, some seek more customized deliveries, focusing on quality, while others prefer longer-term collaboration, seeking a partner in brainstorming, and are more cost-sensitive, so the spectrum is broad.

We know of many companies who are already active in this field, but this year, many more have begun working in this domain. If you have a GenAI topic you're focused on, send an email to with a brief introduction and/or materials so we can reach out if there's a topic where you'd be good partners.

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