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Looking for customers? We help AI providers to find the right customers for their solutions. Register to add your own projects. 

Looking for AI solutions? We help companies to find the right AI solutions for their needs. Register to check numbers and ask for a specific reference.

500+... and counting

We have collected 500 case-studies that could provide measurable business results. Look into the numbers.

The 500 show that the most projects that were publicly shared were affecting the functions of sales and marketing and are coming from retail.

Financial KPIs ($) / Industry

Select Industry

Check out how each function is affected by the AI driven projects in average. Hint: compare manufacturing, retail and financial services! 

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Our clients are interested in well established, reliable results. They want to know what AI can do for them on a business level. So we decided to make transparent what has been achieved in this industry so far. We wanted to show you what you can expect from AI in your own industry or function. We wanted to create an interactive, informative, and playful visualization for our clients, so they can be inspired to start catching up with tomorrow. 


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