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"Mestersége : Intelligencia" TV program broadcasts

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 1 - The ChatGPT Frenzy

Our conversational guests:

- Levente Szabados, Scientific Advisor, and Gyula Kovács, CEO of Neuron Solutions

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 1 - Artificial Intelligence in Art 

Our conversational guest:

- Dávid Szauder, Hungarian media artist living in Berlin

Mestersége : Intelligencia

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 1 - Da Vinci, the surgical robot

Our conversational guests:

- Dr. Péter Galambos, Director, and Renáta Nagyné Elek, PhD student, from the Bejczy Antal IRobotics Center (Óbuda University)

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 2 - AI and modern cancer treatment

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. István Peták, Founder of Oncopass Medicine Zrt.

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 2 - AR, VR, and Metaverse - We help you navigate

Our conversational guest:

- Szabolcs Budaházy, Founder and CEO of AR Works

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 2 - Intelligent energy storage

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. Géza Fülöp PhD, CEO of Qamcom Central Europe

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 3 - AI in the construction industry

Our conversational guest:

- Csaba Livják, Founder and Owner of BuildEXT

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 3 - Empowered machines

Our conversational guest:

- Zoltán Pál, Head of Continental Plant Engineering (Makó)

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 4 - The role of machine vision in quality control

Our conversational guests:

- Tamás Mészáros, Global AME Process Engineering and Automation Sr. Manager, and Kornél Borbély, Smart Factory Project Manager, from Harman

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 4 - Data Scientist - DMlab

Our conversational guest:

- Csaba Gáspár, Founder and Lead Expert of DMLAB

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 5 - Smart observing eyes - AI and Security

Our conversational guest:

- Attila Kalcsó, Machine Vision Expert at H1 Systems Mérnöki Szolgáltatások Kft.

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 5 - Artificially intelligent shopping

Our conversational guests:

- Levente Szabados, Scientific Advisor, and Gyula Kovács, CEO, from Neuron Solutions

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 6 - Neumann János University

Our conversational guest:

- Lóránt Szabó, Director of the Neumann János University AI Knowledge Center

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 6 - The digital twin

Our conversational guests:

- Tamás Mészáros, Global AME Process Engineering and Automation Sr. Manager, and Kornél Borbély, Smart Factory Project Manager, from Harman, along with Gyula Kovács, CEO of Neuron Solutions

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 7 - Data as the raw material of the future

Our conversational guests:

- Sándor Gáspár, Head of the Data Solutions Competence Center, and Andor Havasi, Director of the Analytics Department from Stratis

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 7 - Role of AI in education

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. György Eigner, Dean of the Neumann János Faculty of Informatics at Óbuda University and Professional Leader of Zsámbék Science Park

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 8 - With expert eyes - AI history and vision of the future

Our conversational guest:

- Levente Szabados, Scientific Advisor at Neuron Solutions

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 8 - It doesn't take away, it adds value - AI in the advertising Industry

Our conversational guests:

- Hidvégi Zoltán CEO és Marton Marcell Generatív AI szakértő az Umbrella Collective-től

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 1- Artificially Intelligent Smartphones

Our conversational guest:

- Szabolcs Kerpen, Head of Mobile Business Solutions at Samsung Magyarország

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 2 - Vanda, the digital assistant of Telekom

Our conversational guest: - János Horváth Varga, Head of Artificial Intelligence Center at Magyar Telekom Nyrt.

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 2 - About self-driving cars at BME

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. Péter Ekler, University Lecturer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 3 - Hotdogs served with AI

Our conversational guest: 

- István Mag, Head of Mol Digital Factory

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 3 - AI for diagnosis

Our conversational guests: - Dr. Emőke Hompoth, Researcher at the University of Szeged (SZTE), Dr. Richárd Farkas, Lecturer at the University of Szeged (SZTE), Dr. László Vidács, Assistant Professor at the University of Szeged (SZTE)

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 4 - Arthur Keleti: In the future, machine and human can only be understood together

Our conversational guest: - Arthur Keleti, Cyber-secret futurist,
founder of Info/Cybersec, Trends, Buzz & Networking (ITBN)

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 4 - University of Miskolc

Our conversational guests:

- Dr. József Vásárhelyi, Associate Professor at the University of Miskolc and Prof. Dr. László Kovács, Head of Department and University Professor at the University of Miskolc

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 5 - Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Our conversational guests:

- Dr. János Levendovszky, University Professor, Scientific and Innovation Vice-Rector, Dr. Péter Antal and Dr. Bálint Gyires-Tóth, Associate Professors at the university

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 5 - Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. Balázs Lóránd, CEO of Continental Autonomous Mobility Hungary

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 6 - AI Coalition and Ericsson Hungary

Our conversational guests:

- Ádám Zlatniczki, Chief AI Expert, and Csaba Antal, Data and AI Strategy Program Manager, from Ericsson Hungary, along with Roland Jakab, President of the AI Coalition and Regional Strategic Director at Ericsson.

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 6 - The intersection of law and AI

Our conversational guests:

- Dr. Miklós Zorkóczy, Lawyer, Technology Consultant, Researcher, and Educator

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 7 - The Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) Also Deploys Artificial Intelligence

Our conversational guest:

- Ferenc Vágújhelyi, State Secretary, President of NAV

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 7 - AI elevates finance to a new level

Our conversational guest:

- Attila Kezdődy, Head of Advanced Analytics at MKB Bank

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 8 - ChatGPT and what comes next

Our conversational guest:

- Szabó Péter, CEO of Microsoft Hungary

Mestersége : Intelligencia - Episode 8 - Legitimate Question - Copyright and AI

Our conversational guest:

- Dr. András Szinger, CEO of Artisjus Association


ATVAlmost every company is embracing AI at a frantic pace

August 29, 2023

We discussed the corporate applications of ChatGPT on the morning show of ATV.

RTL - Chatbot is the new craze

January 24, 2023

Gergely on Reggeli talked about how the term "Artificial Intelligence" was first encountered by the general public in science fiction movies. As a result, many people associate AI with the images they saw in these films. However, the expert emphasized that it's crucial to note that facial recognition programs and even the chatbot the hosts conversed with during the live broadcast are examples of AI. They also discussed how organizations like NASA, the CIA, or even the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) are already employing AI in their daily operations.


Reinforce at Compass Tech Summit 2023 - The introduction of AI in the context of organizational AI readiness

October 11, 2023

ITBUSINESS Inside 2023 - GenAI: When the cost of creation approaches zero

October 2, 2023

The brutal disruptive impact of the internet can also be described as the drastic reduction of the cost of delivering information. Generative AI solutions radically decrease the cost of creating something new in the digital realm. When the cost of creation is nearly zero for our business processes, what follows? Intense price competition and unemployment, or a boom in quality services leading to overall well-being? What is the larger context in which rapidly evolving specific applications can be interpreted? Gergely Szertics, the leading expert at the PHI Institute and a recognized AI researcher, led the "Artificial Intelligence and the Future of IT" section at the ITBUSINESS Inside 2023 conference. In his introductory presentation, he analyzed the impact of AI on corporate processes.

ITBUSINESS Inside 2023 - Do we need Hungarian AI? - Panel Discussion

October 2, 2023

The issue of artificial intelligence is permeated by a big question: do we need our own AI, or is it worth using what is available globally? The participants of the second panel at the ITBUSINESS Inside 2023 conference also discussed this question. Led by Gergő Szertics, the participants included Lotár Schin, Head of the AI Competence Center at OTP Bank, Péter Sebestyén from Fujitsu, Dr. Endre Spaller, President of KIFÜ, and Iván Vetési, Deputy CEO of the National Infrastructure Service (NISZ) Ltd. They explored what it takes to create a generative AI model in the Hungarian language.

ITBUSINESS Inside 2023

September 19, 2023

Gergely Szertics discusses the advantages that both small and large businesses can gain from using artificial intelligence and what steps they should take to leverage these benefits. As the leading expert at the PHI Institute, he delivered the opening presentation in the artificial intelligence block of the ITBUSINESS Inside 2023 conference, and also moderated the panel discussion that concluded the section.


How big of a threat does AI pose to humanity?

April 24, 2024

Let's delve into the advancement, future, and potential dangers of AI. Can AI really take our jobs? Has humanity matured morally for the use of AI, or is it a destructive weapon in our hands? Should we fear artificial intelligence? How can it be utilized in education?

The AI will be able to do everything.

The question is, how do we create value with it?

April 3, 2024

Artificial intelligence is coming and it will take our jobs. But whose jobs exactly? And is this even true? Will our brains become lazy if instead of using the foreign language we've learned, we start writing our business emails in English with ChatGPT, and will we be lazy if we don't even try to navigate without navigation tools? And where does the time saved by modern technology disappear to? Concerns surrounding AI have suddenly become the most frequently asked questions.

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